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Since its inception, Egypt Techno has been able to contribute to changing the concept of maintenance from periodic or unannounced maintenance to preventive maintenance to preserve the equipment in its shape and condition that it started working on. Egypt Techno Compressor set a set of challenges within the local market by using the best trained engineers inside and outside Egypt and highly experienced technicians in recognizing and controlling faults. The company was not satisfied with that, but rather it provided a special section to follow up the work after the maintenance work that is carried out on the equipment in order to maintain it always. The company has developed the activity from making it a company that develops business and maintenance to a company that provides engineering and industrial solutions and technical consultancy to participate in the development of the facility and the surrounding work environment and the design of compressed air networks and the participation of construction engineers in setting up the infrastructure for the form of rooms and workplaces of compressed air stations as it is compatible with the appropriate operational conditions It has also been adopted by international compressor manufacturing factories. Egypt Techno is one of the leading companies in the field of compressed air technology (AIR COMPRESSOR) and its accessories, through the sole agent of the Turkish company FILO KOMPRESSOR for the manufacture of air compressors. Sole agent of ZINISAN VACUUM. We specialize in maintenance and overhaul of all types of screw and vacuum compressors and providing service kits for all types of compressors and vacuums. Agent and distributors for companies specialized in the manufacture of oil and air filters and oil separators (air oil separators) for all screw air compressors (TGFILTER – ITALY). . * PNEUMATIC CONTROL * Distributors for major Italian companies specialized in manufacturing all types of cylinders, air louvers, service units and quick air connections. * INDUSTRIAL FILTERS. Distributors for major international companies specialized in manufacturing: – A) Filters for purifying compressed air and gases from impurities, oils and liquids for all industrial purposes. b) Separators for separating condensed water from compressed air with different capacities. C) The inner filling (CARTRIDGE) * Air dryers AIR DRYER

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