Double oxygen generators


Standard oxygen generator


Miniature oxygen generator


Egypt Techno provides oxygen generators from columns filled with zeolite. These columns hold all matter under pressure except the oxygen suspended in the air. During pressure formation, these substances (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water) are bound to the zeolite. This process is known as variable pressure adsorption (PSA).
We provide high purity compressed air oxygen generators. It works to secure permanent oxygen at very competitive prices compared to alternative sources. OKSİPAK oxygen generator unit is designed to quickly recover your investment expenses by saving large amounts of oxygen consumption. It is designed to be easily installed anywhere. It only requires pressure air line, power supply and electrical connection.
With an oxygen purity of up to 95%, the OKSIPAK can also be connected to an external buffer to control consumption or make backup production according to usage needs.
This product provides high purity oxygen gas required in sectors such as hospitals, laboratories, oxygen fuel technology, welding, steel cutting, fish farming, ozone and waste water treatment. So the logistics and supply problems caused by transporting cylinders or liquid oxygen are avoided.
Optional features such as pre-maintenance bag, filter bag, mobile phone control system, remote control and oxygen analysis system can be added if desired. The generator includes an easy to use LCD touch screen control panel

nitrogen generators


Standard nitrogen generator


Miniature model of a nitrogen generator


Egypt Techno provides CMS nitrogen generators from columns filled with (carbon molecular filter). These columns hold all matter in the air under pressure except for the noble gases argon. As the pressure increases, these substances (oxygen, carbon dioxide, water) bind to the molecular sieve. This process is known as Pressure Variable Adsorption (PSA). The generator produces nitrogen for many sectors that require high purity nitrogen gas such as food, pharmaceutical, health industry, packaging, aviation, automotive, laser cutting, electronics, petrochemical, plastic injection, refrigeration, chemistry, coatings and cosmetics. Thus, with a nitrogen generator, supply problems due to transporting cylinders or liquid nitrogen are eliminated. The nitrogen generator was designed by international companies in Egypt Techno for the purpose of rationalizing and saving consumption and the success of the investments that you make in this sector, as it saves large amounts of nitrogen consumption. It is designed to be easily installed anywhere. All you need is a line of air pressure and an electrical connection. Optional specifications such as first aid kit, food packaging kit, remote control by phone, nitrogen analyzer and other options can also be added.

Thermal Adsorption Air Dryer (Filter)


Blow dryer


Egypt Techno provides dryers that remove moisture in the atmospheric air that is absorbed by the air compressor. The amount of this moisture varies depending on the air temperature and geographical conditions. The H2O water molecules in the compressed air coming out of the machine stick to the adsorbent in the chemical desiccant and thus the moisture is reduced to very low temperatures. The moisture then condenses into liquid water and is removed from the system
• These typical dryers are systems designed to produce dry compressed air at values above -40°C and -70°C dew point and operate at

• Dry air loss rate of 2% of dried compressed air.

• The percentage of air loss (leakage) can be reduced to a lower rate when the dew point control unit is added.

This process is produced by producing fresh air with blowing device and thermal resistance device.
• These are systems designed to produce dry compressed air at values higher than -40°C and -70°C at the dew point and operate on the basis of delivering compressed air to the facility without leakage.

• This process is done by producing fresh air with a blowing device, a thermal resistance device, and a cooling system.